Thursday, January 28, 2016

This District Collector In Kerala Offered Biriyani To Volunteers Who Helped Clean Up A Lake: indiatimes

KOZHIKODE: Prashanth Nair, the district collector of Kozhikode in Kerala felt it was necessary to clean up an abandoned water body in the district to harvest rainwater. And what did he do? He posted the idea on the official Facebook of the district collector calling on volunteers. 

The reward... some mouth watering 'Kozhikode Biriyani'.

What happened next may sound like surprising to any outsiders, but not to the people of Kozhikode. 
On January 26th, some 750 people, mostly youth turned up to clean the Pisharikavu lake in Koyilandi. The 14 acer water body was cleaned up in a day.

And as promised the collector served them with some really good 'Kozhikode Biriyani'. He even posed for selfies with the volunteer. 

This is not the first time, Prashanth Nair, has been able to bring together hundreds of youth for be it cleaning the Kozhikode Beach or arranging food for the poor.

Just a post in Malayalam on his page, which now has over 160,000 likes and he gets the job done.
Prashanth who is really active on Facebook uses it to reach out to his 'fans' who fondly call him 'Collector Bro'. And don't be surprised if you get a reply to your comment from the 'bro' himself, that too in typical 'buddy language'.

The 35-year old has a Superman image among his followers... quite literately.

Going though the comments on his page, one can see how proud people of Kozhikode are about their 'collector bro' while people from other districts want him to be the collector of their districts too!

Well done bro...

Author: Bobins Abraham

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