Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Collector N Prasanth opens Innovation Club: Deccan Chronicle

KOZHIKODE: District collector N. Prasanth on Tuesday inaugurated the district-level Innovation Club at Silver Hills School.

The project aims at encouraging students to think of innovative concepts and technology that can bring in fast changes in the society.

“The base of all innovations and inventions are creative thinking with endless and independent research,” he said.

He pointed out that the core of creativity is the continual process of asking doubts and through innovation club, students should develop quest to know about everything around them.

“Our students stop blindly accepting the things people communicate and start doing research and remove all their doubts,” he said.

The club, under State Innovation Council and district administration, will conduct innovation fair in two phases. Some 257 educational institutions were identified for starting Innovation Club in the district.

Each club will have a voluntary teacher as a programme officer and a 15-member student executive. Students are selected based on their aptitude and passion.

They should be active members in any of the existing clubs in the institution like Nature Club, Science Club, Mathematics Club, Students Police Cadet, etc.

The club will be formed in 24 colleges, 28 vocational higher secondary schools, 181 higher secondary schools, seven technical education institutes and 12 high schools.

Deccan Chronicle

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