Tuesday, August 4, 2015

After Operation Sulaimani, Kozhikode collector launches :GOLD 101.3 FM

KOZHIKODE: After the much-touted Operation Sulaimani aimed at a hunger-free city, Kozhikode District Collector N. Prashanth has launched another project titled "Savarigirigiri" to ensure a safe journey for students.The Collector announced the project through his official Facebook page on Saturday. He said that the project is a miniature of a bigger scheme titled "Varavelppu."
"Too often private bus employees misbehave with students and the project aims to bring an end to this. Bus owners should share the loss incurred on account of the concession given to students. Bus owners have agreed for a collective responsible programme," he said.The district administration dreams of a Kozhikode where it doesn't have to take action against any private bus employees for misbehaving with students. Let's try for that," the collector concludes the post.
Author: GOLD 101.3 FM

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