Thursday, November 5, 2015

Collector turns trouble shooter: The Hindu

KOZHIKODE: District Collector N. Prasanth is on a mission to make the best use of his short stint on the Mayor’s chair.
Unsatisfied with the reports on various pending projects that he received from Corporation officials, the Collector, along with Corporation Secretary T.P. Satheeshan visited some of the places in question on Wednesday to get a clear picture of the situation.
Mr. Prasanth visited the Central Market at Palayam to inspect the state of the motor inside a well there, which is dysfunctional, only to discover that the power connection was cut off a few years ago due to faulty wiring and unsafe conditions.
Officials from Kerala State Electricity Board conducted an inspection at the spot and informed that the connection could be restored if proper wiring was done. “If the re-wiring turns out to be really costly, we need to wait for the council to take action on it. Otherwise, it can be completed fast”, the Collector said. Similar is the case with Anakkulam Cultural Centre, which has not been opened for public as there is no power connection, he said.
Meanwhile, the Corporation has already taken action to encash the bank guarantee of the agent who had defaulted by closing down the plastic recycling unit in West Hill, before the license expired. “Attempts will be made to find a government agency to take up the unit immediately, as this is a health issue”, the Collector said. As for the EMS Corporation Stadium, the parking area is water logged, which may affect the structural safety of the stadium. Hence, attempts are being made to get it back from the National Games authorities so that it could be prepared in time for the Sait Nagji tournament, the Collector added.
Author: Staff Reporter

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