Monday, June 15, 2015

Feeding the needy gets a filmy push: Operation Sulaimani for a hunger free Kozhikode: Folomojo

KOZHIKODE: Those of you out there who aren’t familiar with Sulaimani, it is a specialized version of black tea with a pinch of lime in it. An all time favorite of the people in Malabar, Sulaimani had come to the fore, thanks to the mega success of the Anjali Menon flick Ustad Hotel.
The film that traversed emotional terrain and tugged at the heart strings of the movie goers in Kerala and elsewhere, had subtly narrated the need of feeding the needy with its hugely applauded storyline.
The emotional take on feeding the needy has now been adopted by the district administration of Kozhikode, in northern Kerala,  in its endeavor to eradicate hunger.
Envisaged as a project towards a hunger-free Kozhikode, the district administration’s Project Operation Sulaimani has kicked off in association with the Kerala Hotel and Restaurants Association (KHRA).
So, from now on the deserving would be handed over food coupons by the administration through village offices and designated hotels, and these coupons could be handed over to restaurants in the city, in exchange for food. This apart, citizens can also sponsor a meal or two even as they have their fill at hotels across the city.
At the forefront of this noble initiative is the District Collector of Kozhikode N Prasanth. The initiative, aimed at ensuring no hungry stomachs , has got rolling and would soon change the face of Kozhikode in terms of smiling people. The endeavor would also aim at luring the rich and noble people of Kozhikode in chipping in with sponsorships so that no one stays hungry.

Yet another positive outcome would be that Kozhikode would be a city that would be free of people begging for food. Operation Sulaimani would ensure that no one in Kozhikode would suffer due to hunger ever.
With the new initiative having been kickstarted, support too has started flowing in.  Prominent among those who have come forward to extend a helping hand so that the initiative would see success are Ustad Hotel maker Anjali Menon and lead actor Dulquer Salman. The celebrity involvement  is expected to propel Operation Sulaimani to a wider reach.
True to the words that the character played by the late Thilakan in Ustad Hotel utters,  the Kozhikode district administration is ensuring that every meal served would come with a pinch of love in it.

Author: Sanjeev Ramachandran
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