Thursday, April 16, 2015

A short course on how govt. works in district - The Hindu

The district administration on Saturday launched a special internship programme to familiarise youths and professionals with ground-level implementation of various government-funded programmes.
Minister for Panchayats and Social Justice M.K. Muneer inaugurated the project titled ‘District Collector’s Internship Programme’ (DCIP). Dr. Muneer also posted the details of the project on the official Facebook page of the Collector.
Introducing the project, District Collector N. Prasanth said the DCIP would be an unpaid initiative. Mr. Prasanth also said the project would make use of the support of professional firms in the sector. It will also facilitate the interaction of students who pursue various professional courses with the people at the grassroots. Indian Institute of Management-Kozhikode will be one of such firms in the project, he added.
Initially, two programmes — Senior Development Fellow and Junior Development Fellow — will be available for the select candidates. Training period for the full-time Senior Development Fellow will be for 12 months and candidates between the age of 21 and 35 will be considered for the programme. The term of full-time Junior Development Fellow is six months and candidates between the age of 18 to 35 will be considered for it. Short-term courses too will be offered for select candidates under the two streams.
Candidates who successfully complete the programme will be issued a certificate carrying the seal and signature of the District Collector. However, it will not be an official document to claim any type of government employment. For details, visit the special website

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